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  • Anouk Speaks
    A best-seller author, Anouk Claes specialises in curing psychological problems &
    is known as a psychological healer.
  • Psychological
    Anouk specialises in curing psychological problems and
    is known as a psychological healer.
    When you explore different shades of life,
    it becomes easier for you to be happy and calm.
Happiness Explorer

I am here to help you recognise your inner strength. Once you recognize your inner strength, true happiness becomes a reality. Remember, happiness is not just limited to material things, it is so much bigger than that. 

Peace Maker

People often struggle to find peace in their lives. Remember, real peace lies within you & you will find true peace within your own thoughts. I am here to help you identify the outlook to attain peace even in the midst of problems.

Emotion Therapist

Your emotions are your biggest strength & greatest weakness. As an expert in emotions, feelings & perceptions,  I help strengthen your emotional quotient to be happy & successful in your life.


Let Me Help You Uncover True Happiness!

Hello friends, our own definition of success and failure are different. I am here to spread happiness by helping you find inner peace and right spiritual path.

The Tutor

I speak at seminars and events throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Mental Path-breaker

As a mental path-breaker, I help you sail through emotional barriers to help you maintain inner peace.

Clear Visionary

As a clear visionary, I have insight into the root of the issues brought to me. 

The Practitioner

I help people to be on the path of self-realisation through experiencing visible and invisible.

Anouk Speaks

A loss is a natural part of life. As we move from one phase in our lives to the next, we gain new experiences and loves, while losing old ones.

Join me on YouTube to explore the journey of short meditations.

I have authored several e-books to help you navigate through different situations of your life.

It's never too late to explore the different shades of your life.

I regularly speak at national and international events.

Six Books
My E-books
Videos on Short Meditations
Seminars & Workshops

My Videos on Short Meditations

The Snowdrops Healing

Heal your nose problems, sinus problems and headaches with snowdrops healing. Watch Here.

Wild Meadow Meditation

Simple and short, this meditation works out for many who have tried. Watch Here.


Wind Meditation

Experience the magic and sensation of movement and feel the difference. Watch Here.

Communication Meditation

Feel the magic of words even in silence & enjoy the communication. Watch Here.

My Short Meditation Videos

Have your thought of short meditations as an alternative medium to attain inner peace and happiness? If not, start today! I bring you a bunch of YouTube videos on short meditations that can help you as a pathbreaker in your spiritual journey.  

Anouk Writes

MyBlog Posts

Be it my e-books, short meditations or my lectures, I have been focussing on helping you understand the essence of your inner peace and strength.

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Dear friends, I am here to help you through difficult times. Through my e-books, short-meditation videos, seminars and magic courses, I have always been there to support you. Love from Anouk Claes.