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About Me

Dear friends, I have been living in Switzerland since 1992. I have studied psychology and theology at the University of Basel. I specialise in recognising emotional and spiritual interdependencies and to help each person to follow their own spiritual path. 


Happiness Finder

I am here to help you find and spread happiness. 

The Explorer

Let me help you concentrate all your efforts to uncover happiness.

Welcome To The World Of Anouk. A Spiritual Mentor And A Healer.

Your True Friend

We all are searching for happiness. I am here to spread happiness by helping you find inner peace & right spiritual path.


Bestseller Author

I have written six books, and one of them became the bestseller in Switzerland.

Gifted Clairvoyant

I have a special gift of perception and sees the mental and spiritual condition of a person.

Psychological Healer

I specialise in curing psychological problems and is known as a psychological healer.

More About Me

Seasoned Lecturer

I have conducted many seminars and lecturers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


Strong Communicator

I can communicate with anything - spirits, animals, plants and things.

Spiritual Navigator

I am on a mission to help each individual to follow their own spiritual path.


I conduct courses on self-healing to help you identify your true potential.

Send Me a Message Now!

I am always here to help you. You can read my e-books, you can enrol for my magic courses or join my lectures. Please write to me and let me know your interest. 

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Dear friends, I am here to help you through difficult times. Through my e-books, short-meditation videos, seminars and magic courses, I have always been there to support you. Love from Anouk Claes.