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The Group Advantage of Meditation

Recently, I concluded an interesting Twitter Chat on the topic of emotions. Being a gifted clairvoyant and psychological healer, I always experiment with different thoughts that can help me get closer to you.

For me, it is very important to help you, with the acceptance of all your emotions, in a way that you can start to experience your emotions as an inner force of strength.

The short meditations for example, even though they are short, they are about feeling something in your body, they are about getting your attention only for two minutes within yourself and experiencing what that does for you. Accepting your emotions is not necessarily a long and painful process it can be fast if you make positive experiences with those so-called negative emotions. It is so much better to experience something yourself than to just read about it.

Be it my short meditations, magic courses or ebooks, all of them help you understand the real strength of your emotions and how you can attain peace by synergizing the body and mind.

Through my ebooks, I have portrayed the real stories of real people, struggling with mental or emotional trauma. I am fortunate enough to be an instrument to guide them through their journey towards recovery.

I just wrote an article in a magazine, and because it was a special edition, I decided to talk about something I rarely talk about, I gave some insights on what I have experienced in more than my 30 years of guiding and teaching people. Although I do not define healing because I think it is a mystery, and one can or should not define it. I did observe many healings, and there is something I can say about based on my experience. It helps if you are not doing it alone. I work with groups, and I rarely consult with individuals, because when people go on a path to discover their own true self, their emotions or any other journey, it is useful if you can share it with others who are on the same path. The power of a group, people who are all together working on seeing their anger as a strength and realize aggression does not equal anger, but if anger is accepted it so does not feel like anger anymore it feels like motivation and so on.

This is one of the things I can truly say looking back all these years. The feeling of belonging to a group is extremely powerful. It makes you doubt yourself less, it encourages you to share more and one of the best things, you realize you are not alone.

There are meditations video on my YouTube channel, and you can see that others have watched them too. In my experience when people watch something together, it becomes more powerful. Because of the Internet, it is possible to watch something together even if you do not share the same geographical location. My videos show plants and scenes from nature, and they are mini exercises for your emotions. Some are just to help you get your mind get a moment of rest.

In everybody's life, there are moments where we seek peace and rest through meditations. However, you may think that you need to practice meditation for a long time or meditate for a long time to benefit from its effects.

No, often a moment of meditation can have some effect, or you may try to look at it together with someone else or play them on television or watch them with your friends. You will notice a difference when you watch them alone or share the video with your friend to watch it together at a certain time from different locations.  Believe me, you will feel it is different than watching them alone. The effect on your body will be stronger.


Dear friends, I am here to help you through difficult times. Through my e-books, short-meditation videos, seminars and magic courses, I have always been there to support you. Love from Anouk Claes.