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The Need for Wind Meditation

There is this strong connection between physical movement and inner movement. I just call the inner movement, inner movement. I do not say inner energy or emotionsor something spiritual. To keep it simple I just say the invisible part of you. That invisible part is all these things, and they also move, just like your physical body moves.

So, everybody has a visible and an invisible part. Both parts move and they move best when they are in sync with each other.

What does Being In Sync mean?

You know when you see happy people dancing and you get the urge to dance as well? When you are emotionally touched, your emotions/feelings flow more. Your invisible part is moving more and thus your physical body wants to move as well. Both parts naturally strive to move together.

In school, you were trained to move like you have two separate parts. You are supposed to be super interested and at the same time sit still! This is extremely difficult to learn! In fact, it is against our nature to have one part moving and the other part held still. So when you are just a little child, the two parts of you will strive for balance, so having to sit still can actually cause a child to lose interest.

Anyway, this blog is not about that topic, but I wanted to mention it anyway since it is really important. Plus, it explains why as an adult you can have so many difficulties with motivation and movement.

Getting In Sync:

So, you are not feeling so great, meaning there is not much movement in the invisible part of you going on. You drag yourself out the door to go jogging or to the gym and you start to feel better. The visible part, your physical body, got moving and this movement caused some movement in the invisible part as well.

You have the most strength when both are moving perfectly together, which is an art. It is this art that KungFu Masters master.

Now, if the difference in movement between these two parts (visible and invisible) is too great, it can cause problems.

Often one can have difficulties to keep both parts in balance. If the balance is too far off, this can cause physical pain or discomforts like stiffness, soreness and other things. When the balance is seriously off, it can cause bigger health or mental problems.

When you are emotionally not in flow at all, meaning, you feel bored, not motivated, and you actually do not feel much of anything, it means your invisible part is not moving much. This can also feel like “nothing is happening“, so every day seems the same. Now, when your invisible part is not moving much, your physical body is weaker when it moves and when you suddenly decide to go running without warming up, it can cause that you hurt yourself.

Physical Injury:

I so often hear this. I felt so bad, then I went skiing or running and then I tore something. Why did this happen to me? Is the universe punishing me? Because now I cannot do the one thing I like so much anymore, for several months.

No, the universe did not punish you. Your inner movement did not match your outer movement and you had a system crash, so to speak.

The inverse example. You have been a lazy bum and did not move much at all. Suddenly, you get emotionally super excited and you feel like you can move mountains. So emotionally (the invisible part) you are moving a lot but your physical body has not been moving much and you go out there moving furniture or running full out enthusiastically, and you hurt yourself.

These are two examples I encounter a lot. Now, you know that when you feel bored or not motivated it can be really hard to motivate yourself. Normally, it is much easier to be motivated by someone or something else. We humans just do not really function well alone. We can, but it is just so much more fun with someone else.


Normally, if you can move your inner body at will, there is not such a need for external motivation, but most people cannot willingly move their inner body. You are used to being emotionally triggered, positively or negatively, from the outside. Person X made me angry, Person X made me happy, Thing X made me happy and so on. So, that is why motivating yourself is hard. You are not used to moving your inner body as you are used to moving your physical body yourself. Also, diseases like Parkinson or any disease with involuntary movement are related to this issue. One part moves out of sync with the other part.

Borrowing the Tree’s Movement:

So, that is why I put this meditation on YouTube. You can “borrow” the sensation of movement if you look at something else which is moving. Now why a tree, and not a person running for example? If you yourself are sitting in the office and you look at a person running, you might immediately feel guilty and many other things go through your mind, which is not helpful. If you look at a tree being moved by the wind, those thoughts do not arise, it is just nice to look at it.

The tree in the video is huge and a couple of hundred years old. It as a special tree and it helps you feel movement inside your body and close the gap a little between both parts. So, if you have been not moving physically and you are not feeling great, look at this video and it will cause you to feel movement inside of you and will get you going again.

My Insights:

All these insights are based on my personal “sight” of the human mind and body. I developed techniques and methods that work. One of those things that help are these very short meditations, I call them. Today many people do not have much time, so the meditations are short but they do not need to be any longer, and you can always look at them again. This is just one quick thing you can do. There are other things you can do as well and I will write more about those techniques as well. 

Be sure to check out all my eBooks, but specifically, I recommend the Focus, Concentration & Learning eBook to help learn about focus to develop more inner and outer balance.


Dear friends, I am here to help you through difficult times. Through my e-books, short-meditation videos, seminars and magic courses, I have always been there to support you. Love from Anouk Claes.