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Sadness And Happiness

An emotional issue I experience often is the conflict between happiness and sadness. 

Everyone wants to be happy, yet it is often not that simple. Emotions are not the only part of us. One basic thing about people is that we like to be together and share things. We sometimes even enjoy having the same problem. So if my best friend is sad, I might feel guilty about being happy about something great that happened to me. The thing is I cannot control those emotions, so often I will suppress the happiness I am feeling as I do not want to be a bad person. If you happen to fall in love and at the same time a loved one gets sick, it is not that easy to deal with two different emotions at the same time. 

Often, you mistakenly think you need to choose, no you just allow them both to be. People often suppress happiness without realizing it. Now I noticed that when two emotions often get suppressed “together” like happiness and sadness, they show up again together. Often when out of the blue something great happens and you feel happy often sadness arises at the seem time. I have encountered this question many times.

People ask themselves, why do I feel sad when I feel happy? Am I afraid of being happy? Is it a self-destruct mechanism? Am I afraid of my own power? In my experience, it is mostly a habit one picked up over time to suppress happiness and sadness at the same time. Like when you pack them together, they come out together. Just let them both be.


Dear friends, I am here to help you through difficult times. Through my e-books, short-meditation videos, seminars and magic courses, I have always been there to support you. Love from Anouk Claes.