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The Silent Clairvoyant

It is impossible to have a normal conversation with someone who knows you are clairvoyant. Every word I say people take as if it is extremely important. I can never ask someone, “Are you okay?” They immediately ask me if I saw something, that they do not know how they are, are they sick, or whatever.  So, I have to be very careful about what I say and how I choose my words. 

People have an elephant memory about anything I have ever said to them and they think I have one too. I was recently asked about a single sentence I said a year ago. What did it mean? No kidding.

Yesterday, I got an email where someone told me I looked at her aura years ago and said nothing at the time. Now she wants to know what I saw then…. because I said nothing, it must have been something bad. (Actually, I do not look at auras. I don’t need to. Information is not bound to a specific spot, you can see anything anywhere.)

It is not possible for me to say anything (or nothing!) without it being given meaning. I have been through some real weird situations. People telling me to speak only when asked. People expecting me to ‘pretend to be normal’. People getting really aggressive when I accidentally say something. I am very careful but sometimes even I am not paying attention.

How Clairvoyance Comes Alive? 

One of the first things I learned as a young child was to be silent.  When I was young it took me a while to realize that everyone could not see as I did. I just thought everyone behaved extremely weird. They were almost never saying what they were thinking or feeling. I decided it was best to stay silent until I had figured out what was happening.  I stayed silent until the day I started actively working with people. I stayed silent because I had plenty of other beings to talk with, just not people.

Then, it just happened. I remember there was this older person. I forget if they were male or female. I know the person was retired and was suffering from joint pains. There was complaining about this pain and that it was because of the age of the person. I was told that nothing could be done about it and I just asked if I could try. I tried, and the pain went away. The next day they came back and the pain was back as well. I did not understand why the pain returned. I tried several times and every time it was gone but came back shortly after. I was puzzled. At the time did not understand why people would hang on to the things that caused them pain. 

It took me a couple of years to understand that people do not know themselves well. People actually seem to have no interest whatsoever in who they are and how their brain works, their thoughts, their body and so on.

Why I Stopped Direct Healing?

I stopped healing directly quite quickly because it was of no use. When I was only 12 years old people had some patience with me. As I got older and word spread, people came and expected me to heal them.

They did not believe me when I said it would not help them. The pain would return if they did not change something in their mind. In my mind, at that time I did not know about “healing” per se. I was not trying to remove the physical disease because I did not see that clearly. I just was helping them so they could have no pain. To me, it was more like restoring order, no matter what was behind it. And at the time, the only people who came to me were the ones who were dealing with inexplicable pain or who thought it was normal to have pain because they were old. It was a time of practice and a time when I learned a lot of things about what I could say and what I should not.

There were high expectations, and even anger when I did not do as I was asked. I learned to deal with that and over time I understood that better. I tried hard to avoid people calling me a ‘healer’ but they still do and even insist on it. I just say nothing and have a look.

So, normal conversations are hard. I really value interactions with those who are not always looking for something deep and meaningful in what I say. You may find conversations hard, too. Also, clairvoyance is a skill that needs to be practiced. You may have a raw talent you were born with, like a musician, but you need to practice. Be careful. But don’t always be silent.

How to Deal with Bullying and Negative Attitudes as a Clairvoyant?

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