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Me Being The Silent Clairvoyant


I have learned to be silent. I am ridiculed by many. People expect me to immediately give them some sort of proof. Others think it is somehow forbidden, or that what I do and who I am is a scam or a fake. But, since so many people are now trying to learn how to become more clairvoyant, I figure you should know what you are getting yourself into. I was born like this, so I will share some of those things that nobody else will tell you.

No Longer The Silent Clairvoyant:

I have not talked much about it either the way, until now that I have this blog. I have decided not to be silent anymore. I want to give people like me a voice. There are people who are extremely nasty because they think as a clairvoyant, or psychic, or medium that you can not be hurt. People are often cruel and nowadays the Internet makes it even easier to be cruel. But, there are many others out there who are like me, and I want to encourage them to speak out as well. We are not all a scam. Nor are we out to use people’s weaknesses.

I know several others who have clairvoyant skills who do not dare to tell more than a few people. They live and work in secret. I have spoken on television and said some really “crazy” things just to give others additional courage to start to speak up as well. To me those crazy things are not crazy, there are so many different ways of perceiving the world. I wish there was more interest in studying these things, instead of always just immediately screaming “It’s all a scam!” This gift has been around forever.

Prove You Are Clairvoyant:

I have never heard of a person meeting a pianist saying, “Prove to me you can play the piano and then I might consider talking to you.”  Many of the people who I have seriously helped, who have changed their lives in dramatic ways, are ashamed to admit to anybody they came to see me. If someone knows you are clairvoyant, for many it is a free ticket to insult you, ignore you or outright ridicule you. The times of the witch burnings are over but not really when it comes to words. Most anyone thinks they are better than I am when they achieve something because they believe I am not capable of achieving anything. People with a degree in science think they have the right to insult me as an idiot or a mental case. I should somehow feel grateful to be allowed in their presence until something bad happens and they need help. When their problem has to do with something nobody else can help with, then they come and have forgotten everything they said, and I help them. They think I am obliged to help because if I do not I will somehow be punished. It is their belief that someone with a gift like mine must be in the service of others. I help them, not because I have to, but because I can and because it is who I am. 

Clairvoyance – Gift or Skill? Can you learn to be clairvoyant?

I think clairvoyance is a gift and to become good at it you need skill and exercise. You have to practice a lot, and like with many other skills you will make mistakes. I think clairvoyance is a gift where the people around you do not allow you to practice. All of them believe you just ‘got it’ somehow. I like to compare it with being a musician. It is like you are born with a gift for music and so you can immediately play perfectly. I watch other clairvoyants who are trying to develop their gift. They don’t get it quite right immediately, and instantly they are called a fake. Many speak out too soon, and after being punished they stay silent for a lifetime.

So many adults have told me that as a child they described things that they had seen and they had been punished for it. They were ridiculed and they were so ashamed that they stayed silent for decades. I am for many the first person they dare to tell about it, because they miss it and they want to get it back. You can get it back, you cannot lose this gift, it just needs some work. I encourage many to do so and that is also why I am saying stuff in front of audiences others do not dare to say. Many are afraid of being called crazy, or much worse. Many people are in clinics because they could not quite manage their gift or understand it.

Clairvoyant or Crazy?

I am not aware of many scientists conducting research trying to understand it and giving us the space to develop or study it. Instead, you hear immediately that you are imagining things and there is something wrong with you. 

So, I have put together a list of barriers, challenges and problems that people who are clairvoyant encounter. I hope to bring these issues to the forefront. I want to help people solve them in their own lives. And I am especially interested in reducing the bullying of clairvoyants around the world. Myself included.


Dear friends, I am here to help you through difficult times. Through my e-books, short-meditation videos, seminars and magic courses, I have always been there to support you. Love from Anouk Claes.